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Sadie was born and raised along the border. Her favorite holiday is Charro Days and you can catch her eating tostadas at El Ultimo Taco Taqueria.

Punk AF

Sadie's interest in politics arose because she was a fan of Punk Rock. The band Anti-Flag inspired her to become politically active and aware as a teenager.

Academic Elitism

Sadie is a proud alumni of Austin Community College and does not hold a formal college degree. Because of this Sadie advocates for the inclusion of all young people in politics, not just the privileged who are able to attend universities.

High Femme Life

Sadie has a passion for makeup and regularly posts reviews on her Instagram stories. TBH, drag queens are responsible for fine tuning her skills. You will never see her without a manicure.


Sadie is a cartoonist in her off time. Fun fact: she has always wanted to work for Adult Swim.

Language Accessibility

The base line for all of Sadie's content is language accessibility. Not just in terms of dialect, but in ensuring content can be understood without the political jargon.


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